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Taste Fest 2016

Happened on one usual event on American University in Bulgaria: The Taste Fest. As AUBG has students from all over the world, it enjoys this opportunity for we know more about the food customs in all that different countrys. I represented my country, so I cooked Portuguese meals!

At 9pm of February 20th I started cooking what would be the representation of the Portuguese cuisine, in the AUBG (American University in Bulgaria) Taste Fest!

Here we have just a few part of the all ingredients that I used!


I started with one dessert... "Milk Pie" is the


And then I made the Portuguese fish (Bacalhau!) and the Portuguese Soup. Literally translated the soup's name is Soup of Stone! (Interesting name, I know...)


This was the table presentation in the begin... From Portugal, with Love ❤️


And here we can see you was my table in the end!!