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Fetching Izzy

Dad and I picked up my new boat in Gig Harbor and sailed her home

Day 1. We took Amtrak's Cascadia service to Tacoma then Ubered to Gig Harbor


We had a load of stuff. As we left the harbour Mt. Rainier was visible in the distance.


We took the boat north in a strong current and overnighted at Blake Island, off Seattle



Day 2. After a pleasant walk around Blake Island we headed up Puget Sound. The weather looked good for day 3 so we we went west of Whidbey Island and stopped at Port Ludlow


As we approached Port Ludlow we were able to fly the Spinnaker.


We ate like Kings that night. Clam/pork/bacon linguini.


Day 3. We needed to cross the Strait of Juan de Fuca which is ordinarily a challenging pass. For us it was a pussycat. Light winds all the way to San Juan Island


On San Juan we visited American Camp where the American forces waited out the Pig War


Day 4: we made our way north. We stopped in Friday Harbor for fuel and later Stuart Island. Then we set out for Pender Island, across the border.



Day 5: horrible start. We drained our water and left the water pump working overtime which drained our battery. Then we ignored the sea strainer which stalled the engine. Finally we fouled the propellor on some line. After an investigation with the GoPro and a quick swim all was well. I pulled this off the propellor.


When we were able to get underway we headed to Ganges Harbour on Salt Spring where we refilled our water and grabbed some further supplies. On our way we got a great wind from behind and again got the spinnaker out. This time the main sail was not in the way.


After Ganges we rounded Long Harbour and headed up Trincomali Channel to Wallace Island where we stern tied for the night



The next morning we explored the island


Day 6. After a brief explore of Wallace Island we headed through Porlier Pass at our appointed time of 11AM. once again the intimidating crossing was dull due to a lack of wind. Just off UBC the weather mercifully got more interesting and we sailed right into Vancouver Harbour.


Calm winds


We squatted in the marina that night. Next morning Indy got moved to her new spot and Izzy was finally put in her new home on O dock.