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Fun With Quadcopter

Play the AEE Toruk AP10.

Unboxing... It's a friend's, not a new one, already experienced several crashes.


The remote:


The battery:


Assemble and calibrate the Quadcopter.


The look and feel is less good than DJI's, feel a bit cheap and not polished.

Need to download an iOS app as view finder:


The build-in camera, this is definitely a disadvantage compare to DJI's.


Ready to take it for a fly!


Take off is pretty smooth.


Control is also pretty easy, as easy as DJI's. Actually I can't feel any different as a beginner pilot.

The camera control feel a significant latency, and since it don't has the powerful stabilizer as DJIs, the video might not as smooth as DJIs.

UI from the iOS app:


A few screen shots:



I fly it here:

Battery life is good for 20-30min flight.

Landing is also easy, just need to be careful. My first timer issue is don't know how to properly shut it down, my second try worked smoothly.


Overall it's a fun experience!