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August Smart Lock

The latest August Smart Lock with Apple HomeKit integration is amazing.

The first time I experienced August Smart Lock was from the AirBNB near Steve Jobs' home. While I was super impressed how convenient it was, I also experienced sown common issue the first generation lock had, esp the battery cover was very easy to get dropped when manually open the door.

I waited until their 2nd generation lock was announced earlier this year. And looks like it got great reviews, the best part is, it support Apple HomeKit and the latest Apple TV is the hub.


It's well packed and seemed the installation is very straight forward.


My lock is Schlage deadbolt lock, it's in the supported lock list... However I got a problem, the original screw from the lock is too short, I need to get a longer pair to install August,


Unfortunately I searched the Homedepot and Lowes nearby, none of them have the longer screw of the same size... 😭😞 it's a 1/4"-28 screw, every one in store are either too long or too short.


Apparently that might be a common issue and they addressed it by providing free screws to their customers ! I got a reply the next day I emailed them and my screws are on the way!


This morning I got the screw and the installation is fairly simple and smooth!

The app setup and HomeKit setup experience is very simple and smooth. All I need to do is follow the steps from August app.

August Home (Free)

I found the most convenient way to lock or unlock the door is through the Apple Siri. It has a few seconds latency but compare to use the traditional key, it's minimal.

Now I have the today's latest modern smart lock installed with my 1964 mid-century modern house door (yes, the door is from 60's!) and they matched perfectly!