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Welcome To Pixotale 2.x

A new pixotale experience has just begun...

***Working in progress. Features could be changed.***
Pixotale - Visual Storytelling (Free)

Pixotale 2.0 is a major update from our previous version.

Design Changes

You may quickly notice some major changes though we try to keep the app looks as close as possible to our previous versions.

- Vertical scrolling

We change the story cards browse direction from horizontal to vertical, after a lot of consideration we gave up the horizontal scroll and move back to a more traditional vertical scroll.

We love the "cards" metaphor and it's still a big concept you can browse around

- No more hamburger menu

All menus are now on the top of the screen, nothing is hide behind.


The new design makes Pixotale much faster than the previous versions.

No more refreshes! Because every new changes will automatically push to you. You just need to open the app from time to time, everything will stay up to date.

You will find Pixotale works great even when network is poor or no network! You can enjoy the stories you previously downloaded and read them later.


It's not a new feature but it's new for Pixotale. You can now follow another pixotale user, or follow a collection, or even an ongoing story.

Why not follow some recommended users and collection below?

Your customized stories feed

Now the stories feed are customized to you, just for you!

Once you followed other users or collections, we will be able to customize the stories feed for you! Beyond that you can easily adjust what appear to your feed.

Invite or find friends

Fins your friends from major social network, or simply find them from your address book.

Better conversation

We improved the conversation around stories. Our vision is "connecting people through visual storytelling", however until this version the "connecting" wasn't quite there yet.

We improved the conversation around stories


Collections concept exist since the first version of Pixotale, and a few selected members also experienced it already.

From this version, we just make it better and open it up for everyone. You can create collection easily and manage them, you can invite others to edit the collection together with you.

However we limit the number of collections you can create to 2 per user. The limitation is to avoid too many collections with little contents. If you need more than 2 collections, just lets us know and we can make this happen.

Story in story

See the story below? Now you can include stories in stories! You can even include a collections of stories in story!

Story in story makes its more flexible to tell stories. You can also have alternative story lines, reference stories, side columns in the main story or simply make a index.

Links in story

We also make it easier to insert links to other web pages easier in this version. You can simple navigate to any website or search it from search engine and insert it to the story. The link will looks beautiful by automatically pull a few information from it.

Import your stories from your blog

What if you have an old blog and already have a bunch of stories there? The new story import tools make it extremely easy to import your blogs, articles, photos, etc to Pixotale!

You can leave them as it it or edit them, add more cool photos to it and make the old stories a new life!

Visibility setting for stories

Sometimes you may want to share a story only in a collection, sometime you may event want to stay anonymous, now you can do it!

Please note that there is no private stories in Pixotale, all stories are public and shared, the visibility and anonymous only make the story not showing under your user profile or not showing the authors name.

Search stories

You can now search stories! Full text search!

Auto translationd

We support automatic translation!

Improved offline experience

We improved the offline user experience from this version.

You can use Pixotale smoothly even without network, you can perform most of the tasks in the offline mode: write story, read stories, comments, likes, organize collections...

By default, Pixotale will sync the stories from people and the collections you followed, so you can read them anytime later, with or without network.

UX details improvements

One little UX improvement, a big step for better user experience.

- photo picker will retain your last status, you don't need to scroll and find the photos in the camera roll again and again, you don't need to search images again and again! Life is much easier with this simple UX change in photo pickers

- same thing applied for video pickers! You can now search videos in YouTube or Vimeo and use the same search result page back and forth!

- we automatically save the credit for the photos, videos, so you don't need to add them manually!