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What's New In Pixotale 1.8

A bug fix version with quite a few changes.

Pixotale 1.8 is mostly a bug fix update to solve a number of serious bugs. If you are still using the old version you should update right now to avoid potential crash and data loss.

Pixotale - Visual Storytelling (Free)

It's has been too long since our last update in Feb! We almost released a 2.0 update with quite a few user experience changes however we paused those changes almost at the last moment.

Since we have done a lot in the past few months, we adopt quite some changed from our upcoming 2.0 update to this update:

Updated side menu:


We moved the collection from the top to the side menu area.



We moved away the notification from the side menu and now it's a pop up whenever you tap on the notification button, which is always sit on the navigation bar.

Write and edit your stories:


Now you can create new story, continue to write your draft stories, or edit your stories all from one place.

Share your favorite apps

You can easily add app links in your story. Just like this one below:

Instagram (Free)

You will find a new App Store icon in story editor when you try to add a new section.

You can also pull screen shots from the App Store easily to add them in the story!



We are working hard on a bigger major update 2.0. Unlike some other players we won't make any dramatic changes on the user experience and the features, keep a consistent experience and smooth transition among versions are always our commitment.