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Story Up Above 30,000 Feet

In flight wifi now get international coverage.

I am on a flight to PVG, it's a 11 hours long flight, the first great thing I learned was now inflight wifi got international coverage!


The pass for the whole flight was $20 when I purchase it from laptop, I surprised to find it's cheaper to bought it from PC than from iPhone.

Looks like the Gogo inflight web site was a bit confused on which flight I was in:


The network is pretty fast, I got 2M download speed and about 150k upload speed, maybe it's because I was very few of the users on this flight so I got most of the bandwidth.

Not sure if the confusion of which flight I was on was the source of the problem, after I disconnected for a meal, I no longer be able to go back online again.๐Ÿ˜’

First it showed a few technical difficulties even connect to Gogo website:


Then it alway asked me to repurchase the pass... And the price of the pass went up from $20 to $39.95! ๐Ÿ˜ž


Fortunately they have a live support, I connected with Nikki.

Nikki tried to help, she issued me several code but none of them worked.


After tried every possible way, there was only one solution - offer me a 60 min complimentary pass. Nikki said she can only issue 60 min free pass, so what she can do is give me enough passes to keep me stay online during the flight.

This is what I end up get: 9 complimentary 60-min pass! I'll have to use one of them every 60 min... It's not ideal but it at least worked.๐Ÿ˜Š


VPN worked well, I even tried to deploy a build up above the air.


My MacBook Pro battery quickly ran out, unfortunately my seat only have USB power supply, so I can no longer work.

I tried to login from my iPhone with same account and found my iPhone connected! Looks like there is only one device can stay online with same account.


This story was created and published up above the Pacific Ocean.