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Google I/O Extended Kirkland

Google I/O event in Google Kirkland office.

Live from Kirkland Google


A full house.


Material design?
Looks a bit like Metro design, with some cool animation and shadow. Cool animation, but nothing really new here.


Looks like card based design is actually a core part of material design. Well, apparently Pixotale's card-based design style is pretty materiel as we'll. :)
Android TV, no longer a box or stick play, build into the real TV, however I doubt if I would buy it.
Chrome cast will support a screen cast feature like airplay mirroring. This demo is impressive, mirroring Google Earth looks very smooth and mirroring live camera view also looks good.
Nothing really interested me... I fall asleep...


lunch time...


Fail... You can't eat and drink like a googler at all...