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When A Layoff Is A Better Off (Part 1: Meeting Cancelled)

My experience of the massive Microsoft layoff in 2009.

Microsoft just announced a massive layoff, 18,000 jobs will gone.

I hope everyone I know at Microsoft will not get hit, however for many of you I know in Microsoft, I believe a layoff might even be a better off. If you looking for a job in startups, feel free to reach out and I will try my best to help and connect.


(Microsoft building in Dublin Ireland)

Let me share my stories in the massive layoff in 2009, my whole team in Microsoft Ireland were axed at the time. I'll try to focus on the positive side so you will see why sometimes layoff could be a better off.


Also, this story is not intend to trash Microsoft in any meaning even though you may read many ridiculus facts. Someone in Microsoft might happen pick up those and maybe improve them under the new leadership. Microsoft is a company with lots of amazing people, that's what made possible even turned layoff a better off for some of us.


Part 1: Meeting cancelled

It was a Tuesday morning in May 2009, a Tuesday after a long 3 days bank holiday break in Ireland. I arrived office earlier than normal, we will have an important project milestone meeting with the leadership team.

Before I left for the conference room an email from Steve Ballmer came, I took a quick scan - yes the 2nd shoe was finally dropping, he just announced a new wave of massive layoff - the previous one was a couple months ago, no one in Ireland was hit.

As all our project team were waiting in the conference room, no one from the leadership team show up...

(Under writing, please check later)