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Blips, A New Video Sharing App With Cool Design Touch

The design of this app is pretty new and unique.

Blips is a new short video sharing community to allow users shot and share a short video to others.

Blips (Free)

Video sharing isn't new, but Blips has some cool new design that I didn't see from any other apps. The obvious cool effect is the main feed, the feed scrolls like bubbles up and down, smooth and playful. You can only play it yourself to experience it.


The concept of this app is simple, shoot a short video, apply filters and share. You can favorite videos so you can track them in the future.

I am not sure how it can gain traction since there are Instagram video, Vine and tons of video sharing app in the market, but I'd like to recommend it due to the creative design.


The app is free but you have option to buy new filters through in app purchase.


The small indicator (the little green dots) in the signup screen also looks simple and intuitive.


Right now there isn't many users in the community yet, and I believe gaining users traction is the #1 goal for any new apps in the market, let's give this app sometime and see how it goes.