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Get Free Internet Access Up Above 30,000 Feet

Want free in flight wifi? Here is the way I managed to get from Alaska airlines!

(Disclaimer: try at your own risk. May not always work, may different by airlines or flights.)

Gogo inflight wifi is really cool however it's expensive sometimes. But recently I find you can get it free on Alaska airlines ! (Note: not every Alaska flight with Gogo has the entertainment options, so this only works on a few flights)

Here is how you can get it in 5 steps:

1. Turn on wifi and connect to "gogoinflight" hotspot.

2. Open Safari, try to browse to any website, Gogo inflight wifi will show up. ** looks like they always allow google.com, you can use google search normally all the time, so try some other web site to get below screens.

You should see the section of Alaska Beyond entertainment. Tap on it.


3. Tap any movie. (Inflight movie is free for now, not sure how long Alaska will turn them to paid.)


4. Pick "no, I need the player", type in the capcha and submit!


5. Bingo! Enjoy your free wifi above 30,000 feet!

*** Don't install the player app unless your purpose is watching the movies.

Of course you can download the player and play movies, the movies stream perfectly, I guess they were locally on the airplane.

Gmail, Facebook, whatsapp, wechat,... All works well. And of course the app I am using to write and share the story - Pixotale works perfectly!


It will only work for about 15 min though, so you will have to retry previous steps to get more time. If you installed the gogoplayer app you have to delete it and restart Safari.

*** this story was written on airplane and published on air.