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What's New In 1.6

A better photo editing experience, richer story elements with Apps support, and more!

Pixotale 1.6 is finally here! It took longer than we expected to ship this update, but we are glad that we can make it before Christmas and New Year!

The 1.6 update mostly focus on an improved photo editing experience. Other than the small UX details improvements, the bigger changes are:

- Apply shapes to photos



- improved photo filters, now you can adjust the strength of filters


The ability to adjust filter strength unleashed many possibilities and creativities.

The improvement on photo editing isn't done yet! We still have a long list to be done in the future updates. Our goal is simple: we want you have a extraordinary photo and video processing power inside the storytelling experience, improving your photos and videos is a very important part of storytelling!

From 1.6 on, stories can include a link to apps in App Store! You no longer need to search in App Store when you read a nice story about an app! Simply tap the app link to download the app immediately!