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Morning Walk On Red Brick Road

Morning Walk On Redmond's Historical Red Brick Road.

Redmond's historical red bricks road is just a few minutes drive from my home. It is actually in walking distance however there is no path to connect to it, so we have to walk a much longer distance or drive to get on that road.


The road is paved on 1913, more than 100 years ago. It's truly historical for US especially the Pacific Northwest area.


The road is indeed unique, the red brick looks old but solid. Grasses are growing between the bricks, it feels so good to walk on it.


It's about 1.5 miles long, a right distant for a morning walk. It took us 45 minutes to walk from one end and then come back.

The houses around the road has huge yards, looks so nice. Some of them are actually ranches with horses.


Apparently they have infinite apples, so they throw them away and let them rotten.


We found this funny sign:


The Evan's Creek run across aside with the road, it's just a very tiny stream, but this whole area got names from it.


The Evans Creek Natural Area located on one side of the road. The views are unbeatable, especially in the autumn.


So many nature beauties around on the road.


This year's autumn arrives slowly, not many trees turn red or yellow yet, but just with a few of them you can already feel the beauty of the fall.


Though you can drive on this road, there are little traffic on it, this makes it a perfect road for walking.

There are parking lots on the north end of the road from the Union Hill Road:

We decided to make this road one of our family walking places.