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Why Is My Cat Batting Water?

This is a reason and solution!

Alright, so this is my cat, Sebastian. He was born approximately August 12, 2014, at a farm in my hometown. He is now about 9 months old. He is male and neutered. He is slightly overweight, but otherwise, an average cat. He weighs around 15 pounds, he is an unknown breed, his mother was a tortoiseshell and his father, unknown. He is medium hair and black, is an indoor cat, and gets to adventure in the backyard every week or so. He is very playful.


Oh, and by the way, loves doing this.


I've been noticing that he bats around his water rather than drinking it, so I figured it was dirty. I cleaned it out and gave him fresh water, but he continued to bat at it. He sticks his paw in and once he takes it out of the bowl, he shakes it, and water gets everywhere. He was drinking originally from this dispenser.


That was the dispenser that he started this in. I gave him this different bowl, since the dispenser got dirty frequently.


That was when he continued doing it, and I gave him this shallower and smaller bowl, since I thought there wasn't enough water to bat out.


The actions continued, but I noticed when I spun my finger into the water and brought it up to his mouth, he would lick it off and want more.


I then figured that maybe he didn't like putting his head down into the bowl, as he also took his paw to his mouth and licked the water when he batted sometimes. I brought the bowl of water up to his face, and he licked it all up!


My conclusion is that cats normally don't like dipping their heads down into the bowls, they want something at their level for standing up (note: the other time I did this was when he was standing). There are special water dispensers/bowls that adjust to your desired level, and I might get one of those for my Prince Sebastian, Kitty of Royalty.😄

See you next time,