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Replacing Nexus 5

I just get a free replacement of my Nexus 5

The replacement phone arrived on the 3rd day, it's pretty fast.


Inside the package there is nothing but the replacement phone. It's a refurbished phone. (Google customer service agent mentioned it's refurbished instead of new in the phone)


This is my Nexus 5's cracked screen:


Nexus 5 is a very fragile phone. Just one simple slight drop from less than 10 feet, it cracked 2 corners and two big cracks on the front panel. I dropped my iPhones much harder and they all survived.


Quickly I got a dead lock during setup the new phone. My google account require 2step SMS verification... However the new Nexus 5 with my sim card stuck on this screen and it never be able to receive the verification message... So there is no way to go ahead!


To solve the problem I have to change the SIM card back to the old phone, so I can get the SMS from old phone to allow new phone setup... What a mess!


While I am updating new phone I am wiping the old phone.


I put the ugly cover on the new phone... Since it's very fragile.


Next step is print out the return label and ship my old phone back.