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Marymoor Birds Trail Adventure

Explore the birds trail in Marymoor Park.

There is a nice birds watching trail in Marymoor Park, it's a hide gem not everyone know it exists.

The trail head is located side by side with the east entrance of Marymoor doggy park. It's easy to miss it even though there are signs.

This is the trail head:


Soon you will walk into this trail completely built with woods, its actually on the wet land and very close to the Sammamish lake.

Continue on the wood trail bridge, we reached the lake. There is a small deck to observe the lake.


The trail continues with the wood bridge, it's very long all inside the bush and woods, here is the heaven of the birds.


We however didn't see much birds, probably its because of the rainy weather.

After the wood bridge ends, we get into this lovely little path in the forest, there are lots of trees and plants around, the air could be fresher than anywhere.




Through this little side path you can reach the river, this is the head of Sammamish River, it starts from right here from the lake Sammamish.


Soon the trail took us to the doggy park again but from the other gate. This is the best place for dogs.


It's interesting to find all the entrance to the river were fenced. We finally found a sign and learned it was because of the salmon season. There is man made dams for the salmon in the river.


The doggies can still play in the river but couldn't reach too deep, the river is now reserved for salmons!


Leaving the doggies park we arrived the old house of James Clise and The Willowmoor farm. Now they are all the parts of Marymoor Park.


Inside look of the building.



Beautiful unnamed berries.


Funny beechwood seed are the food for squirrels.


There is a windmill sit nearby standing with a interesting tree.



We also found this interesting bean tree with huge beans on it on our way back.


The bird trial ends here but the great experience won't end ever! Hope this little story might bring you to this trail someday!