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More Xmas Baking

During XMas time, Le Comptoir bake a lot, and I really mean a lot!

This is what was done last year... But in 2013, I had the luxury to take a day off for my baking, which is a tradition in our household, but it won't be happening unfortunately this year...


Anyway, I have spread the baking over evening and weekends and I baked already three sorts of traditional Xmas "Bredeles".


The first ones were flavoured with cocoa and cinnamon and filled with red currannt jelly.

The second sort of biscuits were with nuts and chocolate...


This was a new recipe and they are delicious.

And the third one was flavoured with cocoa and hazelnuts. They should be iced with chocolate, which I might do if I have some time...


Do you enjoy XMas baking???

More recipes at

Merry Xmas