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Macro Walk Ft. McCoy, Florida

Number 6

Out the door we went today.

We spotted a beautiful thistle flower being visited by some awesome little friends.


An amazing butterfly...

And a blue green Mason bee.

The bee was working very diligently.

So alien up close.

We came upon this dragonfly perched on the garden fence.



Down the driveway we found this green fly. It couldn't actually take flight, so it just hopped around.


This little guy had so much character.


Coolest beetle ever!

We also found a phenomenal range of beautiful flora as well.


Such an amazing display to behold.


As day time faded into night we ventured forth to the service station...

We were delighted to find this awesome moth. His Mohawk was incredible.

Last but certainly not least we met Bill. He was on the window sill just chillin out.

What a wonderful day to have been outside.