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A Night's Walk

Photo-meditation. Night style.

As a beginner, I'm feel that I'm developing & nurturing some passion for photography.

My feet began their stroll on 4th Street in Winston-Salem, NC. It was about 11-something in the P.M. I really didn't know what I was looking for. All I knew was that I wanted to see creatively. I wanted to see what kind of, if any, potential I had.

So I kept my eyes (and mind) open to see what I could capture.


I passed bars with people sitting on benches outside enjoying their cigarettes, music, and brew.

They call this "Tré 4" 👆🏾


This is one of my favorite shots at Mellow Mushroom.

*Is it me, or is the image quality in this app not the best? *

An old furniture store remodeled into office space.


4th Street Bar


I like them both, the lamppost ☺️


The amount of times I've travelled this long dark alley. 🤐


Street views and sidewalk sentiments

Structure and Symmetry


...but always twisted.


1 Cherry 🍒


2 Cherry 🍒 🍒



And this is me. Love me or hate me, this is all I got.