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Jamsnap, Add Sounds To Photos And Share

An interesting new app to let you add sounds to your photos. Tell the story with your own voice, or capture the surrounding sounds.

Photos preserve memories, but sometimes photos miss an important element - the sound. JamSnap is here to help.

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Jamsnap allows your photos to come to life with sound. Snap a photo and add your own voice to tell a story, add some music that fits the mood, capture the sound of your surroundings...

There are a few scenarios the app recommended:


One of the interesting design I never see anywhere else is, you can add multiple sound clips and tag them on different places of a photo. The creates many possibilities and surely make it more fun to play. E.g. An user created a photo collage and then add multiple sounds to each, pretty creative way to use the app.


Adding sounds to s photo is pretty simple and straightforward. You can record the sound to add or select from a list of sound fx, looks like it also allow you to import sounds from other places such as Dropbox.You can also add filters to the sound to make it more fun.


There was a Chinese app(papa) similar to this concept, it was once popular in China, I will write about it maybe in another review.