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Google Wallet Experience @Apple Store

Apple Pay is definitely the buzz this week, but how about using Google Wallet in Apple Store?

Apple Pay went on live this Monday, I was expecting to experience it immediately after release however turned out my iPhone 6 plus still not arrived after weeks since ordered. What a pity! 😖

Today I happen need to buy a new iPad, an idea jumped out: since I can't use Apple Pay why not using Google Wallet instead?


Yes, try to use Google wallet to checkout at an Apple Store! 😎

When the lady in the Apple Store asked me to paid with my credit card I asked instead --

"Can I use my phone to pay it?"

"Of course you can! It just went on live this Monday!" The lady smiled and she thought I am going to use Apple Pay.

After she saw I pull out my black ugly Nexus 5 she turned to a big surprise and said "I don't think my terminal will work with it... But you are welcome to try it!".


The first few taps indeed didn't work for some reason, but suddenly with a beep the Nexus 5 screen lighted up... That means it might work!

Nexus 5 showed me the locked screen, I entered passcode and it showed me another locked screen! This time it was from Google Wallet. Apparently Google Wallet automatically activated by NFC.

Two passcodes ... That experience wasn't great but I though it OK considering the security.

Google Wallet show me a nearly blank screen and told me to tap on payment device again to pay. Looks like the first tap only activated the Google Wallet but the Google Wallet didn't get the payment request information.

I tapped my phone with Apple's portable sales terminal again... Exactly as previous taps, it was not very smooth but after tap a few times with different positions it finally worked!

I got the confirmation screen on my phone once I approved it, the transition instantly went through, very fast.

However Apple sale lady asked to sign on her device to finish the transaction just like after swiping the credit card!


I signed it and then I sucessfully bought a new iPad mini 2 with Google Wallet on my Nexus 5!


We exclaimed after the success, several people came to ask us, the Apple sales lady also felt pretty excited. That ended my Google Wallet experience @Apple Store.


Overall experience: OK. It worked.

I wish I could compare it with Apple Pay however so far my Apple Pay experience all came from imagination after reading others articles.

Need to enter two passcode is poor experience, need the second tap is definitely even worse. I think those glitches of require touch from different positions might just my faults, shouldn't blame on Google.

Need signature might be Apple Store's policy, shouldn't blame on Google either.

No doubt pin code felt less secure than touchid.

Another detail was Google Wallet use a "virtual" credit card for the transaction, so the card last digit from the store's record won't be my real credit card... I am not sure if this will bring up some issues, e.g.:

- will it become an issue if I return the product to get refund?

- will I get my credit card rewards and benefits? Google's FAQ basically said "depends".

- will it void the insurance policies from my original credit card? The card I used has some protection insurance, will this still work? From Google's FAQ looks very likely I won't be able to get those insurance benefits, that will be a big minus.

- in the future will all those many random last 4 digits confuse myself?

I am not sure how Apple Pay will on those yet, I will figure out after I get my iPhone 6+.