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Cool Face Blending Effect

A step by step guide

A quick step by step guide to create this cool portrait photo effect shown in the cover photo.

FaceCraft Photos Blender - Superimpose and blend pictures in a snap! ($1.99)

- open Facecraft, load your portrait photo as the first (base photo, or back photo) photo. Pick the effect photo from Facecraft stock photos.


- Tap magic wand button to start editing


Select front on the top toolbar, pinch to zoom/move the effect image to superimpose on top of the face.

- select the brush tool, and paint the effect on the face


- tap on 'blend strength' button to select blend mode and blend strength.

In this example we use 'multiply' mode.


- you can also adjust the color of the effect image to make it looks better.


- finally you can crop or add effect to the photo before you finish. Here is the result: