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Droplet Robotic Sprinkler

A quick research on this fancy robotic sprinkler gadget .

I heard from friends about this magical Droplet Robotic Sprinkler and became very interesting in it.

It's sell on amazon.com for $299. A typical home sprinkler system cost thousands in average, and they can only automatically turn on and off at certain time, but this new gadget has tons of "smart" features: saving water, adapt for weather and the type of plants... Sounds too good to be true.


From the discussion the biggest question is -- how could it move in a garden and not get stuck somewhere?

After some research from Internet I found the answer: it can't move at all ! It only be able to shoot jets of water to different places.

You have to put it at certain location and it project water at certain directions based on your configuration within a 30 ft radius.


This makes it much less interesting... When we read "robot" we by default think it can move, like the iRobot. But this will be too hard to implement for a device in the garden with a water hose attached... Nearly impossible at a $299 price.


So this gadget does something interesting, however it might not practical for a garden. You either need to setup several of them in different spots (but how to deal with the power cords and water pipes?!) or move it from one spot to another (oh boy!).

It might work on the balcony of an apartment if it's not a problem to have water splashed over the deck and/or downstairs. ( I guess it's still not an option for many of us)

Conclusion: I am not impressed though the concept is good. It's a bit miss-leading to call itself a "robot".

So this is still the most practical solution:


Or cheaper solutions:


Tell me what you think...

What do you think of Droplet Robotic Sprinkler?
Great stuff, I want one!
It's not as useful as it advertised, I won't buy it at all!
Good concept but too expensive, I will consider if it's much cheaper.
I still don't know what it is...