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My Apple Watch

My first week with my Apple Watch

I didn't think I'd get my Apple Watch till 4-6 weeks after Apr 24 but it actually arrived right on the day of!


Coolest feature is talking to my friends 2- hands free! The speaker and mic is pretty good. My friend Allen thought I was talking to him with the phone to my ear.


Other cool feature is taking photos remotely. Who's needs selfie sticks?


You can see me holding the watch in my hand as I took this photo. You can see a preview of the shot on my watch too.

I let my friend try it too.


Next coolest thing is keeping track of my runs without having to bring my phone with me.


You can also view Instagram on the watch too but I rarely use it.


Note you can only take remote photos with an iPhone 5/5s because the sides of the phone is flat. You can't do it with a 6.

That's me and my friends gathering around the TV for the fight of the century: Money vs Pacman.


This is only the beginning of many more things with come with the watch. I await the day I can just plug in my SIM card and use it standalone as a phone!