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Fun With Drones

Played some DJI quad drones in my friends' startup.

One of my friends bootstrapped his drones startup (coptershop.com) from a home office to a large warehouse and growing fast, I decided to pay a visit and try out some latest drones.

DJI Inspire 1:


DJI Phantom:


DJI Spreading Wings S1000+:


Time to fly some drones!


The Inspire 1:




Taking off!


Up above the sky!


Racing between Inspire 1 and Phantom. Looks like Phantom is faster and easier to maneuver.


Control of a DJI drone is really easy, it stable itself when the control is idle, so no worry about the thrust and side wind as a beginner. I think this is super important, I lost a few model plans because it's so hard to control in the beginning and I lost or crash the plans before I can even practice them. The smart control system in those drones make those beginner problems go away!


If you like to play or buy some drones, go coptershop.com to try them yourselves. They have open fly days on Saturday.

Here is the address:

19510 144th Ave NE B-7, Woodiville, WA