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Ring Door Bell

Is it worth $199 to install this fancy video door bell?

I saw the Ring video door in Costco and decided to give it a try.


Setup is fairly easy, in just a minute or two the Ring bell is up and running (without being wired to my door yet). All you need to do is install the app and follow the instruction.

Ring Video Doorbell (Free)

The app contains several well made video clips make the setup and installation easy.


Now it's time to test it. Simply push the button, it rings... And the led ring begin spinning... Am I the only one who hate this spinning experience ?

My phone received a push message... After maybe 5 seconds, even my phone and door bell were connected to the same home wifi network. It's understandable it actually go through Internet to send such notification, however the 5 seconds latency is a bit long to me.


After one successful ring and video talk, the second try failed. 😔 for some reason, the app never response to the door bell any more. There isn't any visual indication to show if the door bell has any problem or disconnected or something went wrong. The realizability is a concern here.

I have to reset and go through the setup once more in order to get it work. This time it seemed to be more stable but the latency is always there.

Latency is a big deal breaker

As a doorbell such latency is unacceptable. Push the doorbell, 5 seconds my phone get notification, it takes 1-2 second the app is up and running, the video show up in another 2-3 seconds. All those add up to about 10 seconds.

You might say this is no big deal since you are at your phone when you are away, 10 seconds won't be a big deal. However if I plan to make it my video doorbell (with an iPad) I need to immediately see who is at the door, not wait for about 10 seconds.

Too bad, the only way you can see the video is after you received the notification, you can't just connect to doorbell and see the video.

Cloud storage, need subscription

Cloud storage of video is nice however it's not free, it cost $3 per doorbell per month.

Not a big bill but I hate to pay more subscription fee after I spent $199 on a door bell.


It's a good concept, but the product isn't just there yet. As a door bell I wish it's reliable, responsive and secure.

I decided to return it, thanks for the great return policy from Costco!