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Laura Deck And Metal Roof Repainting

Spruce up for sale

Laura was looking to spruce up her beautiful, High Park home for sale. Everything looked great, except for a tiny metal roof and the exterior of a deck.


Metal Bay Window Roof


Awesome third floor deck #1


Deck picture # 2 (that's Charlie getting to work!)

1. Prep:

For this job we scraped and sanded off all the loose and peeling paint/stain to provide a clean, smooth surface, to apply our coatings.

2. Products used:

Metal Roof:

For the metal roof we used Para Metal Guard Flat Black Rust inhibiting paint. It is oil based and can be applied directly on top of bare metal:


Para Metal Guard

Deck Stain

For the deck, we used Benjamin Moore Arbourcoat, exterior, opaque stain. Since it is an acrylic stain, we were able to apply it directly to the bare wood and cover the previously stained areas.

Benjamin Moore Arbourcoat Stain


We matched the colour to the paint on the front of the house. It is a Benjamin Moore colour called "Day's End" (2133-30) and is a wonderful grey-blue


Day's End colour code and formula

Getting started!



Rolling on first coat



In progress!

Finished Job:


Deck #1


Deck #2


Metal Roof

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