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Get Out And Explore

Pictures from my travels

Hope you enjoy these photos with the added sayings to the pictures.


Above is my favorite one. Turned out great. Indianapolis sunset out in front of our house.


Cool old barns in Indiana. We just happened to find them on a road trip.


Another cool Indiana sunset above.


Above is frozen Lake Erie back in February 2015


This was an amazing road trip this February 2015 to see Niagara Falls frozen and it was really worth the drive from Indiana to see it. What an amazing place to see.


Lighthouse in Pennsylvania on Lake Erie this past February 2015 on way to Niagara Falls.


Cool view above of the lighthouse on Lake Erie.


Cool big waterfall at Niagara Falls in New York this past February 2015


Cool building painted in Vevay Indiana. We were at the yearly Swiss wine fest to taste some yummy Indiana wine.


Above is another sunset from Indianapolis out in front of the house. We usually have pretty sunsets here.


State park in Indiana on a road trip. Pretty view of the trees above.


Wish the above picture really was my picture on the magazine :). But looks very cool. This old barn is or should say was in Pendleton Indiana. I went by to see it this winter after a snowfall and found it had been torn down. So sad I loved this old barn.


Pretty picture above from Martin state forest in Indiana taken in 2013. This forest is so pretty in spring Summer and for sure the fall.


Above Indianapolis sunset.


Indianapolis sunsetting behind the trees.


Cool Indianapolis sunset picture I took in front of our house.


Cool view above while we were in Niagara Falls in New York. Love this picture.


Frozen trees above right by the falls at Niagara. Was slick and so very cool to see.


Cool Niagara Falls February 2015


Sunsetting above from Indy.


The great outdoors in Indianapolis.


Above another cool sunset behind the trees in Indianapolis.


Favorite picture above of Niagara I took. Love the way it turned out.


Niagara Falls 2015 rainbow. What a cool place to visit was cold but wow it was amazing.


Love the way this one above turned out. Cool lighthouse on Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.


Fall from Martin state forest 2014.


Rustic old Indiana red round barn above 2014. I love old barns and the round ones are so cool.


Cool fall picture above fall 2014.


Martin State Forest fall 2014. Was really pretty and a fun warm day to visit.


Cool view of frozen Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.


Big pile of dirt in Pennsylvania on Lake Erie.


Beauty is sure at Niagara above. February 2015


Cool shot I got while at Cataract falls in Indiana this past February 2015.


Above another cool one from Martin State Forest 2014.


Frozen Niagara Falls area February 2015.


Above is Cataract Falls in Indiana February 2015.


Southern Indiana pond view fall 2014.


Above and below are fall 2014 Martin state forest.


Martin state forest below fall 2014.



Hands in the snow in Pennsylvania February 2015.


Cool Lake Erie 2015.


Indy sunset above.


Another of Niagara Falls above from 2015.


Above another one I wish was on that magazine. :) it's 2013 at McCormick's creek state park.



Hop you enjoyed my photos. Let's get out and take some pictures and enjoy nature.