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Nymirah's Grand Adventure

From homeless to your highness

Nymirah was just a young puppy living in South Carolina when a major hurricane came along and left her homeless. With nowhere to stay, she decided she had to go and find a new place to call home. Her day didn't get any better when she tried to start her car and realized that it had been damaged as well. She wouldn't let that get her down though and decided to set off on foot.


For three weeks Nymirah journeyed alone all across South Carolina looking for somewhere she could live. The search was difficult but she was resilient and kept going. She could handle the physical work but there was one part that made the journey difficult. Alone and without shelter she had to spend nights alone in the darkness, her least favorite thing to do.


After many days on the road and many nights alone, Nymirah finally found herself in North Carolina. She really liked the area so she decided it was as good as any to find her new home. The mountains and wide open spaces were perfect for her. There were plenty of options all around, some better than others, but none of them seemed right.


After finding what seemed to be the perfect place Nymirah settled into a cabin high in the Appalachian mountains. At first it was everything she had been looking for but soon she started to feel like something was missing. After spending several nights in this new place she realized that she was still all alone and in the dark every night. It was then she knew that her search was not over. She set out once more and before the day was over she had arrived in Boone.


Excited by all of the lights and people, Nymirah instantly knew that this was where she would call home. Now all that she had left to do was to decide exactly where in this new town she would live.


The search was on. Nymirah hit the streets of Boone looking for the perfect starter home. As luck would have it she stumbled upon a nice home in a quite part of town. When the realtor told her that it came furnished with four live-in butlers and light bulbs she couldn't resist. She signed the papers that day and moved in the very next day. Now she never sleeps alone, or in the dark.