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Creative Sound Blaster Roar Review

Hype or reality? I have to try and listen myself to find out.

My first computer audio device is a Sound Blaster 16-bits Card, it was many many years ago, but it left me a very good and clear memory of nice quality product and good sound quality.


(Pictures from Google image search, not exactly the one I had, just looks similar)


The product has really good reviews on Amazon. 787 5-star reviews out of 950 reviews received.


However I found reviews for audio products are sometimes useless, since people have very different expectations, knowledge, backgrounds, listening environments, music sources and compare to different devices.

The best way to figure it out is to listen in person, so I ordered mine during the Black Friday from Amazon. It costs $129.


The device feel very solid and well crafted. It's about a size of a dictionary.


A great feature is the SD card playback. With a micro SD full filled with music, this device turns to a super jukebox.


There is a note in the package to suggest you can buy another one and connect them as stereo speakers. Apparently you need wire them together, so I doubt anyone want this feature at all.


Pairing with iPhone is very easy and straight forward. It has voice prompts to let you know what mode it it. I don't like this feature, especially when you are listening to the music, it stop the music and say something, quite annoying.

NFC Bluetooth pairing is an interesting feature, however it only works with android devices with NFC. Though iPhone 6 has NFC built in, seemed it's only for Apple Pay, it doesn't work with pairing.


Simply tap the Nexus 5 on Roar, a message box pop out and ask if you want to pairing the devices. It's good but not extremely helpful, since Bluetooth pairing is already easy enough.


How does it sound?

I am pretty happy with it. It has great high and middle tone, the bass isn't strong enough however there is a "Tera bass" mode to make bass stronger. Even in the tera bass mode, I don't think it produce good enough bass, but given its price and size I think that's what you can get today.


Side by side compare with a Sony SRS X3 speaker: Sound blaster roar is clearly better: louder and sounds better.

Overall I think Sound Blaster Roar is a great portable Bluetooth speaker, it has excellent audio quality, richest feature in the market, slick and solid design, all packed in a $129 price.