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I Love Lucy

There is a difference between spoiled and privileged ❤️❤️

Our beautiful Lucy is a blessing in our lives.


Where did Jake go?

IDad,I was just helping poppa mow the lawn🙀



The Easter Bunny was here😃


Pretty please, Poppa🐶

It's a dogs life😎

What do you mean, Home Depot doesn't have a toy department 😡


Run like the wind!


I miss you"Aunt Carol"❤️


Aunt Shelly has really cool stuff💖

"I don't have anything to play with!"


Poppa's cool ride😎

Lucy loves the "Bring Fido" App.


The Princess and the Pea, Lucy's style.

Is the UPS truck here yet?


Can I please have a gerbil for a friend?




This is "Mr. Jack" the new groomer at Lucy's salon!


Luv my Lamb❤️

Puppy party🐶


My baby picture. I'm not into tutus😡


I luv my other family❤️❤️❤️

I luv my daddy❤️


I think it is a forgery🙀


She earns the " privileged status" by bringing love and laughter to our lives daily.