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Flightcar Experience

My first Flightcar experience in Seattle airport was pretty nice.

Flightcar is an interesting model: someone called it "Airbnb for cars". You allow others use your car when you are away, in exchange you get free parking, free car wash and if the car is rented you even get some cash from it.

It's pretty easy to list my car on Flightcar, only takes a few minutes. They said they will inspect the cars before get them listed, but in my case it just get listed instantly, I am not sure if they will do it later.


The real tough part was getting my wife agree to try this service. She didn't really like the idea to allow others use our car.

Eventually I persuaded her to agree to give it a try, I told her "it's a startup, they suppose to work harder and more carefully and won't screw it up", startup people trust startup people, so she agreed, though still with concerns.

*** Part One: dropping off ***


Flightcar has a clean and nice building distinguishes itself from other rusty cheap paid parking services. It's located within 5-10 minutes to/from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

(Flightcar Seattle office in the typical Seattle rain)

Though I arrived late at night, my worries all went away when I saw the smile from the staff there.


The office was small but clean and neat. They had free water for customers, a clean restroom and a waiting area.


The gentleman told me all those cars had been rented, the business was pretty good during the holiday season.


When I walked out the car was already waiting for me. It's a pretty nice town car, not a typical shuttle.


The driver opened the door for me, feel like a professional driver. The car was very clean and in great condition.


This finished my drop off experience, pretty smooth.

*** Part Two: picking up ***

My flight arrived Seattle at nearly 11pm at the Christmas night. The first email I received was from Flightcar:


From the email I learned that I need to give them a call in order to get the airport pickup. I called them and them and told them the pickup zone and gate, the pickup was pretty quick and smooth.


The driver was very friendly, he opened the door for us and helped us to load the luggages. In about just 5 minutes we back to Flightcar parking lot and my car was there waiting for me!


The check out experience is pretty smooth, they bring in a tablet I simply did a quick look around at my car and signed off.

Turned out no one rented my car but they still did a car wash for us, of course it's free! They still want to pay me $9 for the use of gasoline, I guess those gas was burned when they take the car to the car wash.

I received a detail email later about this Flightcar experience:


It's a pretty nice experience and I end up get parking, car washing for free.

A few days later I revived a $9 check from Flightcar:


I would recommend my friends who interest in this new service give it a try (at your own risk).