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To The Finish Line!

Laurie had some carpentry and masonry work done on her home, and hired us to do the finish painting. There were a number of complications:


There was fresh brick to paint.


New wood work to fill and prep.


The new deck boards were primed, but the knots weren't sealed.


There was latex paint over oil without proper priming.


And rotten boards above the eaves that got missed in the original project.


You could peel the latex off the underlying oil.


We strip sanded off the old latex paint.


Shellac Priming the deck to seal and hide the knots


Transition prime over all of the old oil paint.


From the street.


Beautifully prepped and painted columns.


Fresh railings.


Gorgeous green deck.

Looking to have your deck repainted?

If you are in Downtown Toronto, Ontario, and you need some exterior painting done and would like a free quote, give Brian at Enlighten Contracting a call at 416-985-5483. You can also check out our reviews at www.enlightencontracting.com.