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Our getaway to paradise

Our cousin Dave invited Eureka, Aunt Rosey and I to vacation with him and his little daughter (aka angel), Judith, for several days in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica...

Needless to say, it was a visually intoxicating adventure.


The first day we arrived at Montego Bay International Airport and rented a car for the 2 hour drive to Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

My amazing wife was the designated driver, and she learned several things all at once:

(1) Driving on the left side of the road is surreal.

(2) Roads in Jamaica travel up and down mountains which is an adventure all on its own.

(3) Treacherous mountain roads end up as gorgeous stretches of blue ocean seashore pretty much all the time...


We arrived at Treasure Beach safe and sound (and already very relaxed.) The home we stayed in is part of a community of villas that rents out space to visiting travelers for days at the time. The most popular hotel in the community is Jake's hotel.


All the villas had a back entrance that put you right on the beach. Local fisherman were docked nearby and were very friendly. Depending on weather some days were too windy to swim in the ocean, but that wasn't the norm. Most days the ocean was so calm and warm it felt like a giant swimming pool.


The entire community of renters and the Jake's hotel staff were extremely friendly. We got to walk around and check out some of the other rental areas, and saw a lot of beautiful rental spots surrounded by lush gardens. Restaurants were always nearby for a drink and a snack by the ocean. Even just sitting in the restaurants felt relaxing and laid back thanks to great music and constant ocean wave ambiance.


A short drive out of the immediate neighborhood and you're hit with gorgeous scenery from all sides. Nothing but breezy sunlit ocean and wind swept vegetation.


Since we rented a car we decided to take a road trip one day to a waterfall park called YS Falls. The drive itself was fun because goats, chickens and cows could be spotted as frequently as other cars. Driving up and down mountains along the way also presented us some breathtaking views of lush landscapes and forest canopies.


YS Falls was well worth the 1.5 hr drive (as great as that was in of itself.) There are laid back tour guides ready and waiting to help you navigate the terrain, snap photos while you jump under each of the various waterfalls, and even try out the zip line. The tour guides were really friendly and all the photos they took (using our phones = 100% free) were stunningly shot. After visiting the falls it was back to cow counting again.


We then drove through a section of road called Bamboo Avenue. It was a fast paced highway but worth the visit for the great visuals. We found a vendor selling coconut water which allowed us to take a well earned break... (from having so much fun 😊)

Our album continues below. Please click the link below for the second half, thanks