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Create Amazing Clone Photo With Levitagram In 3 Steps

It's very easy to creat cool clone photos with levitagram.

Levitagram is not only good at creating levitation photos, it also make clone photos extremely easy with out needing a tripod with our advanced imaging alignment algorithm.


Here is a quick guide and example of how I clone my dog -- Mr. Bark.

- Open Levitagram tap on the camera button


I took 2 photos for bark from about the same position. I did not use a tripod, and I had to walk away to lead Mr Bark to different position and then come back to take the 2nd photo.


In this case, automatic photo alignment is critical. As you can see the two photos aligned perfectly!

Use the brush and eraser tool to make edit. Use zoom tool to zoom image to work on details.


In less than a minute I got this! And I cropped to square.


Share the photo to Instagram and impress friends!


Here is the final result: