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Pixotale 2.0 Changes

We make a number of changes in Pixotale 2.0, for our users who already get familiar with 1.0 interface here is a guide to rescue.

This is a story under development, we haven't finish this 2.0 update yet. If you read this before we have 2.0 ready for you, you are welcome to give us feedback by leaving a comment here.
Pixotale - Visual Storytelling (Free)

Pixotale 2.0 has some big changes in the user experience design, here is a list of them:

Hamburger Menu? It's gone!

We no longer use the "hamburger menu" (the hidden side menu) design from 2.0 update. Instead we made the menu easier and more visible by adding a few buttons on the top.

Where is my notifications?!

It's on the top! Instead of hide it on the side in previous 1.x version it's now a pop up whenever you tap on the notification button on the top.

Where are "my stories"?

You can find all your published stories and stories on device by simply tapping on your photo on the top left.

It will show you all your published stories, your draft stories, unpublished stories will not appear here, instead it's under ...

Where is my "liked stories"?

I bet you don't hit this menu often, however if you are looking for it to find all those stories you ever liked, you can simply go to a special collection "Story I liked". All your liked stories are in a collection automatically created for you! You just view them like any other collections you have!