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My Dog Bark

About my dog Bark

Bark is my Golden Retriever dog.🐶


He actually does not bark. But he does if he is alone for about two or three minutes.He also barks to tell If you or me is at the door.


This is Bark. He is ten years old.🔟


He also loves to be with dad.


Oh,he's looking at dad!

And he found dad!


He also loves food.🍞


This is his food.


This is HIS garden.


And this is his water bowl.

And look!His bed!


Oh, and he's on his own bed!


Shhhh,he's might sleep!


Cute right?

He's really sweet and really soft.


This is his fur.

His collar is soft to!


This is his collar.

Neat right?


He wants dad!


He found dad again!


He has his toy!


He's really happy!


Shhhhhhh he's sleeping!


Here's his toy!I gave it to him!


He's looking at the food,and licking his lips.🍗

He's wishing to have the food!

And he sheds like crazy.

He also blinks a lot.


He also loves grass.


And he loves parks.🌳


He also loves to hear me play the piano.🎹

This is all I know of Bark.