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BabyBook - Remember All Beautiful Moments Of Your Precious Baby

Nothing can beat your monuments with your precious baby, and this app help you to keep them.

We share and save our moments with social media all the time, but what about the moments of babies for new parents?

Sure there are tons of baby photos and stories in Facebook and Instagram, while someone may feel annoying we young parents feel it's never enough! And we also need more privacy and intimate moments be recorded and remembered.

That's how BabyBook app kicks in to solve this problem for every young parents, and it's from a young daddy iOS developer Anson Li.

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As a daddy of new burned baby, Anson found none of the existing apps in the market can meet his needs so he build his own, and it's awesome! Who knows better what young parents need than young parents themselves?


You can track everything in a timeline and the app reminds you feed baby, check diaper with notifications.


You get a visualization of the activities! It's great for geek mommy and daddy!


All the baby growing progress can be tracked and visualized! And with beautiful photos together.


One of the best feature it has, daddy and mommy can merge and sync the records together and get everything in same picture! And the data can be securely stored and synced in your iCloud storage, you never need to worry about the backup or data loss.


Here is a short video from BabyBook developer Anson Li:

BabyBook is no doubt the best app in class, it was featured by App Store in several occasions and it's a highly recommended app for parents.