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Once upon in the west ...

A movie critic


Title: Once upon in the west

Director: Sergio Leone

Date of release: 21 December 1968

Runtime: 2h48

Genre: Western

Actors: Charles Bronson, Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale


A cowboy and a desperado unite to protect a widow of a murderer. Hosted in a big house, they prepare their defense against the murderer and his acolytes


Great camera work with large plans and long and slow panoramas with the fantastic music of Ennio Morricone, here is a sample : https://youtu.be/MrzukPzGqow



THE movie contains some rough images and presentation of violence, killings, hangings. The characters are credible as they seem to suffocate under the hot sun and sweat in the dust. The major character, played by Charles Bronson is perfect In his role of unshakeable cowboy, always very calm but extremely fast on the trigger, Henry Fonda is also great in his role of the great vilain who enjoy seeing the others suffering. Claudia Cardinale is as good, she adopt the role of a woman of strong character who knows how to use her charms to obtain what she wants. The music is really important as it is a way for Leone to increase the tension at the turning points of the movie. So don't hesitate, go watch this great movie !