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Engadget LIVE Seattle

Live from Engadget Live event in Seattle SODO Showbox

Engadget live Seattle


In SODO Showbox. We went to another Showbox in the Pike Place Market at first.


A lot of interesting Gadgets on the show. Here are a few interesting stuff:


It's better made than google card box for sure. However their demo is not that impressive.


This fiber is for decoration only. They looks beautiful when glow at night.



People queued long for this... I have no idea what it is. Vaporize alcohol to inhale instead of drink? Just want to get drunk faster?

I don't get it why people need this, looks perfect for marihuana or meth?!


A eink note pad.

Simple, light, however I am not sure how useful it could be in real life.


Home brew beer machine, beer taste pretty nice.

This is my favorite gadget and I wrote a story for it.


A Bluetooth kitchen scale.

Looks pretty cool, however I am not sure if it's practical in kitchen to touch iPad screen with dirty hands or with gloves.


There are some other stuff show as well. Those are what caught my eyes.