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A Year In the Life

In the summer of 2013, we bought a cabin on the beach. Small and simple with fabulous views, it has become a second home that we enjoy for a few days every week.


Like most of the homes on our beach, the back of the house fronts the road while the front opens onto a driftwood beach and an amazing ocean-front vista.


Autumn sunrise.


The bulkhead was terribly decayed and its replacement became one of our first projects. With assistance from a local expert in dealing with state and county bureaucracies, it only took 5 months to get a permit to replace it with another log bulkhead.






Bulkhead done. Many thanks to a terrific contractor..


Lay some sod and put down pavers that we had saved. Then finish the deck off with pvc decking which we self-installed.


Can you say "lime green?"

With shutters or without? We decided without.


Pomegranate Seed red. Beautiful Buff yellow trim.


A new shed needed to be painted to match.


An accent corner. A view from the water.


A name and an address to finish it off.


Home sweet beach home!