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Miranda: Best Time Zone Converter App

A simple and elegant time zone converter iOS app everyone should get.

World clocks and time zone converters are everywhere: they are included in many OS, you can find many online converters, and countless mobile apps, and almost every modern calendar services has time zone features built in.

However, I still get confused by time zoom conversation from time to time, especially when I need to figure out a future meeting time with someone in the different time zone.

Miranda is such a nice and free iPhone app to solve this problem:

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By simply add a list of cities you need to know the local time, you can then drag and dial the wheel controls on the right side of screen to change to any time you want, the local time of each city instantly change.

Press and hold on the wheel control to make smaller scale adjustment on time.


It's very easy to add cities, drag the list down you can reveal the settings, there is an "add city" button. Also you can change settings such as 12/24 hours, date display, color scheme etc.


Simply drag the city to reorder, swipe from left to right to delete the city.


It's a very simple and elegant design app, it's actually very useful and practical for those who need to arrange meetings, phone calls with people from different time zones.